Street food: for those looking for new culinary sensations
In Berlin Street Food is and restaurants, and moving trucks with burgers, and weekly activities, and just very fashionable. We have selected the most popular and interesting places. Street Food…

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The strangest of Japanese tradition
Yokohama — a wonderful combination of ancient traditions and modern technologies For many people, the land of the Rising Sun is still a mystery, it should be noted - did…

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The Best Japanese cuisine
Japanese cuisine — a definite Exotica for the eyes and stomach of any European. But the national Japanese cuisine could not be better absorbed unique ethnic flavor and the specifics…

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Korea: the national cuisine, customs and rituals

National food of Korea is characterized by unique tastes and aromas. It is reduced calorie and has high nutritional value. Many of the recipes are transmitted since ancient times from generation to generation. There are a few of the most typical dishes belonging to the traditions of Koreans.

As with any national cuisine, Korean respected their traditions and customs. Korean table includes dishes mandatory, without which no cost, no meal is rice, substitute bread, soup with the addition of soybeans and, as a rule, a few appetizers, including the most important “delicacy” kimchi.

Kimchi – a dish of ancient Korea, representing a spicy pickled sauerkraut. Koreans customarily it is prepared from Chinese cabbage with onion, red pepper, garlic, and radish, other vegetables and seafood.

Today this dish is the national food of Korea is known worldwide and is very popular. It is recommended by nutritionists in different countries, because kimchi is very nutritious product, which is confirmed by scientific research. It is rich in vitamins and minerals needed by the body, helps to cope with colds and to get rid of the hangover.

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Japanese Women

Japanese women at work

Life and social status of women in Japan from ancient times was regulated by steadfast traditions and unwritten laws: the education and training of women was directed entirely at her family’s destiny. From an early age Japanese girls were taught about the sacrifice and selfless service to father, husband, son. Despite what happened in the 20th century a radical change, this philosophy is still very strong in modern Japan. This is evident not only in the tradition, according to which, married, many women stop their career, devoting herself to family and children. Unlike Western culture, in Japan it is considered normal, when at the reception the role of the wife is to just serve the guests or when the husband is sent to spend the evening in the noisy company without wives (in olden days such women, it was popular to spend time in the company of a geisha ). Many men prefer not to dedicate wives in their performance case and not to discuss serious issues from the belief that the wife — the kitchen and the children. However, these attitudes and habits more and more a thing of the past and become the remnants of ancient traditions. As changing Japanese society, Japanese women are more and more gaining themselves a place in the sun. Over the last decade has seen a massive influx of women into the labour market that was associated with a sharp reduction Continue reading

Center of Oriental Medicine Chosen – Korea, officially

Centre of Oriental Medicine Chosen

* The combination of traditional Korean medicine and modern technology

* International clinic, which provided services in 6 languages

* Recognized leader in the field of Oriental medicine in Korea

* Centre of Oriental medicine Chasan specializes in non-surgical spine care

In 2007, the Ministry of health of the Republic of Korea recognized Center of Oriental medicine Chasen leading medical institution specializing in the treatment of the spine methods of the Eastern medicine. Experts of the center of Chasan has developed a unique treatment program that combines methods of manual therapy Chuna, acupuncture, moxibustion, physical therapy, treatment, wax, bee venom etc. the medical Staff consists of 120 highly qualified specialists who treat more than 30 diseases of the spine and joints. Chosen the center provides all the conditions for treatment and a comfortable stay both outpatients and inpatients.

The center has the latest diagnostic equipment such as MRI, computer tomography, x-ray, ultrasound, etc. Center of Oriental medicine provides medical services at the highest level, bringing together traditions of Oriental medicine and allopathic (Western) medicine.

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Street food: for those looking for new culinary sensations
In Berlin Street Food is and restaurants, and moving trucks with burgers, and weekly activities, and just very fashionable. We have selected the most popular and interesting places. Street Food…


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