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Unusual traditions of the world

There are many diverse traditions. Each nation has its own strange traditions that may make us surprise and even shock. If You find yourself in a foreign country with interesting traditions and customs, to adopt these traditions means to show respect for the history and culture of this nation.

In the African Masai tribe people greet each other by jumping. The higher You jump, the more respect will have.

The aboriginal Maori tribe from New Zealand at the meeting are rubbing each other’s noses, it is a greeting. By smell they distinguish tribesmen from strangers.

In Latin America at every meeting and the meeting accepted the embrace and kiss.

Better than the Japanese bow to greet the same way as you. Now the modern Japanese are not surprised the outstretched hand of a foreigner.

In China there is an ancient tradition to avoid the number four. Because “four” sounds like “to die”. If You need to get to the fourth floor, You simply will not find, even if the five-storey house.

In the East traditionally treat guests with tea. Do not pour a bowl full, and slowly. The guest who will sit up, pour a bowl full, which would mean “Drink and go”.

If in Greece You are invited to visit, not nahvalivat the decoration of the house, because according to an old tradition all liked the guest, the hospitable owner has to give him.

In Spain we have Breakfast at 14 o’clock and dinner at 22 hours. At the table try to avoid topics such as personal life, bullfighting and the period of Franco’s rule.

In Malaysia, men greet by bowing, and married women are forbidden to take by the hand.

Top indecency

Pat someone on the head in Thailand. In Buddhist countries, the head is considered sacred, is the location of the soul, and to touch it would be offensive even for a small child. Also, tourists should not point at someone with your finger. In Malaysia, for example, show gotta go somewhere with the whole hand, where the thumb indicates the direction. Filipinos use only the eyes.

To enter a Japanese temple or a house in street shoes. It concerns not only Japan. Everywhere in the East, be prepared for the fact that you will be asked to remove shoes and headwear before entering the house. In Japan, most likely, will offer a pair of light Slippers, in which you can walk from the front door to the living room. But even these Slippers, be sure to remove before you put your foot on the tatami (the red Mat).

To talk or drink during a toast in Georgia and Azerbaijan. In Northern Europe, Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union the toast at the table is serious business. In Russia the vodka should be drunk in one gulp. In Georgia and Azerbaijan, the toast can be pronounced for an hour or even longer. But to say or to drink from the glass during the toast is indecent. In Scandinavia and Germany, clinking glasses and saying Skal or Prost, it is necessary to meet eyes with those with whom you come into contact glasses.

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Knowing now about all the weird traditions, you can safely go on a trip anywhere in the world.


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