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Uzbek Zhang sanyati” won the hearts of the guests of the International martial arts festival in South Korea

From 28 to 30 August, a group of young men and women from Uzbekistan took part in the International festival of martial arts. Held in the South Korean city of Chungju the event, their representatives also sent 24 countries, including Brazil, India, China, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and others.

The young athletes of our Republic, exemplifying the technique, workmanship and unique flavor, won first place in several areas of performance (solo, pair, group, etc.).

The performance of the masters “Uzbek Zhang sanyati” at the festival captured the hearts of not only the South Korean public, but also the guests to his martial art, the techniques of incredible complexity and entertainment.

In particular, the mayor is Cho Kil Heng noted that team members “Uzbek Zhang sanyati” had a high level of fitness and have made impressive progress.

– In the team of your country had a lot of young men and women who honorably competed with rivals from other States and have won many medals. This indicates in the Republic pay great attention to the development of sports, – said the head of Chungju.

In turn, Director of the international festival of martial arts Chung WHA-Tae stressed that the performance of the Uzbek athletes, enthusiastically received by local audience is commendable. According to his confession, the representatives of Uzbekistan showed high technique of performance, professionalism, elegant methods of defense and attack. Special color representation gave them tracksuits, executed in national traditions.

Muhammad Iqbal, General Secretary of the Indian Federation “Thang TA”:

– Martial art “Uzbek Zhang sanyati” is very different from other types of unarmed combat in its category. I have mastered various national martial art, but “Uzbek Zhang sanyati” is completely different from them. Your sportsmen on the program of the festival go twice in day and evening divisions.

I followed all the performances, they were great and rhythmic. I see that the Uzbek athletes have good stamina, skills and experience. I am sure that in the future this sport can be included in the Olympic games.

It should be noted that during his stay in South Korea, the delegation of Uzbekistan participated in the International Congress of martial arts. The participants were acquainted with the ongoing in our country the development and popularization of martial arts, the history and current development of the national martial arts.

It was noted that during the years of independence in the Republic special attention is paid to the revival and development of national martial art “Uzbek Zhang sanyati” which receives international recognition. This sport in Uzbekistan are regular in more than 40 thousand boys and girls.

It was stressed that a compulsory part of classes in sports clubs “Uzbek Zhang sanyati” is not only the implementation of difficult sports techniques, but also the culture and history of folk traditions, and dancing, and even cooking, that is, anything that will help the athletes to establish himself in the shows.

Federation “Uzbek Zhang sanyati” is a member of such authoritative international organizations of sport as the global Association of national martial arts (WoMAU), the world organization of all styles of martial arts (WASCO) and the international Association of martial arts (MAAI).

Overall, in the opinion of foreign experts and observers, participation of Uzbek athletes in this international festival was of great importance in promoting a national martial art and contributed to the public awareness in South Korea about the development of martial arts in Uzbekistan. Boys and girls have proved that they are worthy successors of the traditions of their ancestors.


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