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Wedding castles – beautiful custom or something more?

Every loving couple wants to make happiness last forever. It’s this desire was the reason for the emergence of a beautiful custom. But tradition to immortalize your relationship on the wedding day appeared not so long ago.

Beautiful custom

The relationship turned out to be permanent, happy, such as on the wedding day, lovers searching for a way to fix this. And even if it’s just a nice ritual, the young wife sincerely believe in his power and ability to make their Union stronger. The deeper mutual feeling, the greater symbolic value get the wedding locks. Lovers want to hang the symbol of eternity of their happiness in a beautiful place, and the key to permanently remove from the eyes of strangers. For locks usually use bridges as they connect remote from each other the shore. At the same time very convenient to hide a key in the depths of the reservoir.

For the bride wedding always has a special meaning. Often even little girls are playing an interesting event. After all, the bride – this is a real beauty, dressed in a stunning white dress. Royal wedding castle – the game with which young girls can dive into the magic and festive atmosphere appropriate to the event.

Where to lock

In different cities and countries there are different ways to implement this custom. Among the unusual places where lovers hang wedding castles include the following:

The tree on which to hang a piece of iron engraved names and date of marriage – Narva (Estonia).

An ancient gate of iron – PECs (Hungary).

Playground at the top of the TV tower, with which the city is seen at a glance – Seoul (Korea).

Trees of love – Moscow (Russia).

Openwork Tree of Love – Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

To order a suitable lock

It is best to make this symbol is totally unique and unlike any others. Of course, Bridal salons offer to make a choice among the notoriously miniature harvested products. At the same time, the issue can be approached creatively and to enjoy the castle in full accordance with your preferences.

Because wedding locks – it is, above all, a way of perpetuating the relationship. And to the couple were able to invest in a product special meaning, it must fully correspond to their taste and perception. Registration is usually done by the bride wishes the groom also must be considered. Because the material, color, size, shape, and inscription – this is an important characteristics of such important attributes of the celebration, as wedding locks. Moscow – is a city where you can fulfill almost every whim, to execute any order. It is only thanks to the individually selected symbol pair feels the uniqueness of their relationship and really identifies the castle with them.

The history of the rite

There are sources that claim that the tradition of posting wedding locks appeared in ancient China. And someone believes that the rite is of Italian origin. Thus it is impossible not to recall the ancient custom to lock up love. For his performance you need under the threshold of the house of young to put the lock. Once steam comes out, a symbol of love should be locked, and the key to get rid of. Then you need carefully to store the private castle because he should cherish the happiness of the young couple.

The custom is a really interesting and attractive, although very simple in execution. This is because loving people are keen to strengthen and maintain their relationship. Maybe for some people the ritual is just symbolic. But the more sincerity and true love to invest in every action, the greater the probability of its implementation. Best of all your special lock to lock in the location, and strongly believe that he zealously guards the true and eternal love.


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