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The poppy Family Poppy Papauer Herbaceous plant. Promostoyki stems, strongly vitasia, sprawling

Herbaceous plant. Promostoyki stems, strongly vitasia, spreading, height 30-60cm. Basal leaves pinnatipartite, large, serrated; stems – tripartite pinnate-lobes rassechennye. The leaves and stems are covered with coarse hairs. The flowers are simple or double, with a diameter of 5-7cm red, pink, purple, salmon and white colors with a dark spot at the base of the petals. Blooms profusely from June until autumn. Fruit – spherical-seeded capsule. The seeds are very small, gray-brown. In 100g of up to 9,000 pieces. remains viable for 2-3 years. The best ad blocker on the computer Adguard, will protect you and your loved ones.

The culture of light-requiring, cold-resistant, grows well on specjalnych soils, rich in organic fertilizers containing lime.

Propagated by sowing seeds in open ground in early spring or winter. Seedlings emerge in 4-8 days. The crops were thinned, leaving healthy plants at a distance of 15-20 cm from each other. Almost can not tolerate a transplant. Flowering occurs in 60-70 days after sowing.

Use in mixed borders and bouquets(fresh and dry).

Golostebelny poppy (P. nudicaule L.).

In the wild grows in the Mediterranean. In the culture – from 1597.

Plant herbaceous; stems weakly razvlechenie, erect, glaucous-green, with a waxy coating, of a height of 80-100cm. Lower leaves narrowly or broadly oblong. Stem 4 – tripticase. top – obovate, triangular, gray-green, often corrugating. Flowers solitary on long peduncles, simple or double, 9-10 cm in diameter the Petals are colored in white, pink, red, purple, lilac, mauve color, sometimes with white or dark purple spots at the base. Flowers open early in the morning, in the evening of Lepestki fall off. Blooms in June – July 25-30 days. The fruit is a spherical capsule. Seeds are small. In 1G – 3000-3500 pieces. remains viable for 2-3 years .

Plant light-requiring, cold-resistant, not demanding on soil. Not tolerate water stagnation. Responds well to fertiliser application.

Propagated by sowing in the open ground may 10-15. Shoots, which appear on 7-12th days. thin out, leaving between plants 15-20 cm Transplant suffer very badly.

Looks beautiful in mixed borders, group plantings, perennial borders, vase life.

Garden forms and varieties of poppy-samosejka: form “Shirley” (P. r.f. schirley) with simple or double svietlohorskyi graceful flowers with white stamens, blooms 35-45 days 60-70th day after sowing.

Poppy varieties golostebelny: “Cardinal (Cardnal) – a plant up to 40cm tall, flowers scarlet in color, up to 6cm in diameter; “Roseus” (Roseum) has pink flowers; “Sulfureum” (Sulphureum) – plant height 30cm, with lemon-yellow flowers with a diameter of 6 cm . Are unique varieties of English breeding. In England this variety is called “the Icelandic poppy” (Iceland).Grade “MAZ of pearl” (Mother of Pearl) has a mixture of pastel colors. including gray, pale blue, lilac, apricot and white with fine white edging of the petals and even two-tone. A wide range of variation in coloration of the petals is first obtained in 1999 generosity hybrid “champagne Bubbles.” (ChampaqneBubles). But for the variety “Ed Sails” (Red Sails) the large bright red flowers up to 12cm in diameter .

The soporific poppy has a number of garden forms. Most rasprostranena: pievina (.s.var. paeoniae hort) – with large double flowers to 13cm in diameter and rassechennye-lapasta (PS.var. hort laciniatum) – with large double flowers with a diameter of 12-14cm and is cut by the edges of the petals. In both forms there are varieties which differ in height of plants, color and flower of Terry.

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