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34 amazing facts

Remember the children’s game of “make — Believe”? The game assumes that one person says and the other decides whether it is true or not.

I invite your attention to the fact 34 that are like lies, but are just not true, and it is established facts.

This is interesting

1.Every year on Earth grow hundreds of trees. This is not surprising. But, these trees grow because squirrels forget where they hid their acorns and pine cones.

2. What country can be called a country of camels? Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia.

3. Now popular in the U.S., the name Jessica was invented by Shakespeare, when he wrote his play “the merchant of Venice”.

4. From that distant time, was opened Pluton and to the point, as its stripped of planet status, Pluto has not completed its revolution around the Sun.

5. A glass of water contains more atoms than there are glasses of water in all the world’s oceans.

6. How many borders need to be crossed to get from Finland to North Korea? Meanwhile, between Finland and North Korea is just one country.

7. No one knows why the letters of the alphabet are arranged in the known order.

8. The person can’t swallow and breathe at the same time.

9. You know, when dinosaurs went extinct? Meanwhile, between the existence of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Man, it took significantly less time than between the existence of Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus.

10. The banana has DNA. And this DNA is 50% repeats of human DNA. So, “banana man” is not an insult.

11. It’s difficult to believe, but in the US, more libraries than McDonald’s restaurants.

12. In those ancient times in a faraway galaxy was released the first film “Star wars”, and in democratic France at this time continued to execute people by guillotine.

13. Carrots originally were purple.

14. What ancient mammoths or pyramid? Mammoths lived on the Earth for 1,000 years after being built the first pyramid.

15. What is the South? American new York Italian is located South of Rome.

16. No one managed to tame the African elephant. Only his Indian counterpart to train.

17. Why Russians love Cyprus? Maybe because Santa Claus in Cyprus name is Basil.

18. Famous Oxford more years than managed to survive the Aztec Empire.

19. The assumption that reading in low light, like reading from the screen degrades the vision is false.

20. Comfortable round aquarium is the poor home for the goldfish.

21. You are convinced that the grains almost round or round? And this is how the sand looks under the microscope:

22. What eats scat, or for which nature has equipped it with 27 000 taste buds? It is four times more than in humans.

23. Frankenstein is not a monster. This is the name of the scientist who invented it and created.

24. Be brave! When you drink a glass of water in this beaker contains the water molecule, which has been in the body of a dinosaur. What is the probability of this event? Almost 100 percent.

25. In the human body huge number of cells, but bacteria – 10 times more.

26. If a satellite of the Earth was not the Moon, and Jupiter, we would have a frightening sky:

27. Definitely an established fact – on Saturn and Jupiter are… diamond rain, i.e., rain of diamonds.

28. You know what is Feng Shui? Originally Feng Shui was called the art of choosing a location for the grave. The Chinese have a very peculiar sense of humor.

29. An octopus has eight legs is a children’s song. And how many hearts? Three!

30. People there like ants… so not the case, because each getusage on theme person have 1.6 million ants. And weigh all of these ants as much as all people on the Earth.

32. The blue whale’s big heart. So big that people can “travel” through his arteries. But the throat of this whale is not more of a tea saucer.

33. It possible immortality on our planet? Science knows the jellyfish Turritopsis Nutricula is the only, currently known, immortal being.

34. And in the conclusion. If you’re talking about eternity. Real honey does not spoil. Never spoils.


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