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The Forum is All About Sushi!

News: Japan introduces a system of certification of Japanese restaurants

Very interesting news was in the media. And symptomatic at the same time. There are many sources, although the essence, of course, one. But I’ll mention the comments of Maxim.

Official Tokyo has decided to declare war on fake Japanese restaurants abroad, which tarnished the good name of the national cuisine.

The Ministry of agriculture, forestry and fisheries the country has announced the establishment of the Council of experts for the development of a certification system for foreign restaurants, claiming the right to serve the customers of sushi, sashimi, yakitori and other specific Japanese dishes. Only the presence of the diploma of this organization will testify about the authenticity of a Japanese restaurant.

“Abroad, – stated in the message of the Ministry, – many restaurants call themselves Japanese, however, they use culinary techniques and ingredients that are very far from our national cuisine.” The introduction of the certification system, according to this Department, will promote the export of Japanese agricultural products, semi-finished products and utensils.

Tokyo in July 2005 approved the programme of the global spread of national cuisine, so that in five years to double on the planet an army of her fans. The result of this ambitious program the Japanese cuisine has become the third leading on the planet after Chinese and French. It is assumed, in particular, the creation and spread abroad a series of culinary textbooks and manuals, reports ITAR-TASS.

Japanese auditors will check sushi bars

Japan will offer foreign Japanese restaurants to get certified to “under the title”. Moscow restaurateurs doubt that you can make it at least one school in Russia.

Japanese exports of semi-finished products will grow, and companies from the country of Rising sun will be easier to get to foreign markets thanks to certification of overseas Japanese restaurants are sure the Japanese authorities.

“abroad there are many restaurants whose names include the word “Japanese” or which imply a Japanese origin, but they use ingredients and cooking technique is far from authentic Japanese food”, – quotes the decree of the government of Japan RIA “news”.

As will certify restaurants, is unclear . It remains to solve the group of experts-chefs, was established by the decision of the Japanese government. In mid-February 2007, the Commission will begin to taste the foreign Japanese kitchen.

Russian restaurateurs embraced the idea with surprise and did not even have to answer. “I was certified, but I don’t know that I will give, says the Manager of the Metropolitan restaurant “Wabi” Vladimir Cuts. – Kitchen our Japanese restaurants adapted for the Russian consumer and, of course, differs from the original – and a cooking technique, and quality products. For example, we cook from frozen fish, and the Japanese – only fresh”.

None of the Japanese restaurants in Russia will not pass certification . if it means strict conformity to national traditions, has made Cuts.

The initiative of the Japanese government is unlikely to have success in Russia . if it aims to earn money on certification, believes managing the network of restaurants of Japanese cuisine homemade “raccoon dog” Dmitry Nesterenko . “I wouldn’t be certified for $10 thousand – It is not worth the money, he explained. – I’ll open the door if the Japanese are concerned about the image of its cuisine abroad and the price of the certification will be low, and also if the certification will be a mass”.

How much money “raccoon dog” ready to pay for certification, Nesterenko does not know yet. But I am sure that the degree of compliance of food establishments to Japanese tradition would be hanging in the place of honor.


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