X-lander XA buggy 2 in 1 antarctica africa asia america europa X-lender x-a 3 in 1 to buy Kiev Ukraine buy price reviews Price Wagaki Kiev Ukraine
Features: - stroller X-lander XA 2 in 1, for children from 0 to 36 months; - walking the block is installed only the face from my mother; - carrycot with…

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All about tea
The homeland of tea is considered China first began to cultivate tea bushes. From China tea spread first across Southeast Asia, and then along the Great silk road travelers brought…

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National beverage of Japan
In recent times, Japanese culture has become popular in many countries around the world. Due to this traditional Japanese food has become known to almost all, but the most traditional…

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Sexy Japanese tradition(s)

1. Cottages:. The fact that the Japanese turned on all sorts of technologies no longer secret. What they find sexy where no a priori – is clear. Duch: is sex with a robot made of latex. Touching this thing – get the feeling? as in the contact with human skin. The name of this type izvraschenstva like from the English. – Dutch Wife. Which means “Dutch wife”. Long ago, sailors gave the name of this bamboo pillow. This bamboo beauty allowed them to not sweat during sleep, even during the fierce heat. Interesting facts lie in the fact that doll Houses brand: sold with a lifetime warranty. Their cost is also not small, from 5000 thousand bucks. Although, compared to the real chick is very profitable. Besides, if something does not work in “relations” Japs & dolls Houses Wait – this whore can be returned and put her away! And You, brainless monkeys, thinking that they resell, the Stoll?!

2. But-pan Kissa. Ordinary cafe. A cafe where the waitresses are in lingerie, and particularly panties. They are put on a short skirt, from which emanates the sun-dried fish. Well, it all depends on love for the individual hygiene of the ladies. But in-pan Kissa is the cost of all drinks and food twice! If you pay a nice tip – the waitress would get something from the top shelf or raise the floor by subject. For security purposes, walls are covered with mirrors, so lustful visitors did not turn his neck. Due to the above, a good tip and a policy of “untouchability” – people wanting to work as waitresses in a no-pan Kissa, no.

“johnny” – that was the name of the first cafe but-pan Kissa, opened in 1978, and was located in Kyoto. Gook cops shut these Eero-table because of nudity in public places. Owners of restaurants with pussy not confused and installed the mirrored floors. In the floor – video camera, and on the tables of the visitors – little screens on which broadcast more diplocephalus.

3. Yobai. Not exactly a healthy way to intercept pismatiski. Yobai means “crouching in the night”. Widely spoken this way to achieve the circus in the Outback of Japan. The principle is very simple: the girl is sleeping in his room, unknown to her tiptoes, anyway, and gives to understand that nurtures some feelings for sleeping, ambiguous way. If the girl was the mutual lust of the flesh – they are Purley each other until morning. The main principle is to do it silently. Then, the stranger as mysteriously flew the coop. You might think that every one of you guys did Yobai once, after partying in the Dorm.

But, this tradition Japan has one feature, in contrast to our visits sleeping(read obukhanych) girls in the hostel. If her parents discovered yabasta – they all crowded him with shame and he was obliged to agree to all their conditions. Basically it was a wedding. Somehow it seems that our women would be beating down the office alone.

Particular females consent was not required, and joba is not rape. Unless, of course, to observe some rules:

1. You have to go naked. Otherwise you are a thief, and there with them strictly.

2. Observe the silence.

3. Close your face and ugly face ladies cloth or mask. In order to protect from shame.

4. Chikani. One of the main problems of Japan. No, if You read our past facts about Japan you know that they have a lot of problems, but chikani – special. Do chikanta those people who love yamanouti the girl’s butt and other sweet places. Everything happens in a rush hour, during the addition, when public transport is crowded. Can also be rape. Only one in Tokyo, every year, up to 4,000 arrested chicanito. The thing is that Japanese women are so shy that it is easier for them to blush and be silent, than to yell at the whole car. Because of this, the government has made separate subway cars for ladies. But mostly they take pictures under the skirts, intimate places girls and sell online. By the way, is well earned.


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