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Asian Cup: Specifics unknown

Team Australia was the winner of the home Asian Cup, beaten in the final of South Korea. Let’s summarize the distant and mysterious for most of the tournament.

Having won on home soil all guests from Asia, Australia will present the Confederations Cup 2017 the continent, a part of which is not. So we were taught in geography lessons. But the local football Federation – member of the AFC since 2006, so everything is in order. “Socceroos” for the first time won the trophy. By the way, there is information that in the AFC (Asian football Confederation) is unhappy: “something that, like, they themselves do not play, with New Zealand and Tahiti. Yes, to the championship of the world from us, these Asians, take away”. The head of the AFC Sheikh Salman Bin Ibrahim al Khalifa said right away: it’s all hearsay. But smoke without fire, as we know, does not happen.

The final of the Australia – South Korea was expected. Today it is really strongest teams of Asia, where the rivalry is getting hotter. The Koreans before the deciding match did not concede a single goal at the tournament. Including the Australians, who beat in the group stage 1:0. But the hosts showed the most effective football in the other matches. The Koreans wanted to end the series without a title, stretching from 1960. The hosts were dreaming of the first victory in history. Expectations were met: the final was extremely dramatic.

The midfielder «Milan” Keisuke Honda – one of the most recognizable Asian players. If not the most. In the group stage, he successfully proved his star status, featuring in every match: with Palestine, Iraq, Jordan. But in the 1/4 finals was an embarrassment: UAE team managed to hold on to a penalty shootout, the Japanese just beat the first Honda I. struck like a confused football with Rugby. The ball flew into the skies, and the penalty was decisive: in a sensational semi-final were representatives of Emirates. In addition Honda has scored with the “point” and another “superstar” – Shinji Kagawa.

By the way, the team of the UAE in General has become the main opening, showing a very Mature football. Third place went to her by right. Still, no wonder the sheikhs lured into a League of stars from Europe – the experience is transmitted.

One of the best in the tournament was forward of South Korea’s sung Hyun Min. 22-year-old striker «Bayer» proved that very soon it is expected in the lists of the most star players not only Asia but the entire planet. A shot of the guy is gorgeous, with the composure of the Koreans is also in order. To be able to Wade through the defense and put the ball in the corner can many. To do it in injury time of the final match, when emotions run high, and hope almost vanished – only favorites.

Uzbek national team frankly sorry. Year after year, having a good composition and posing a serious problem, it stops halfway. About the failures of Uzbekistan, which never got to the finals of the world Championships, we can safely remove the tear film – the script is ready. And as a bonus to this picture can show footage of performances in the Asian Cup: 2004 year – quarter-finals 2007 – quarter-finals 2011 – semifinals, 2015 – the quarter-finals. This time by the captain of the national team Mirjalol Kasymov became Koreans. The main time of the match ended 0:0, although the Uzbeks had a few gorgeous chances. And in extra time scored a double… sung Hyun Min. One pleases: Sanzhar Tursunov released early and will be better prepared for the spring part of the championship of Ukraine «Vorskla». The consolation, of course, so-so.

Been around the Asian Cup is not only positive, but also terrible events. The militants of the Islamic state executed thirteen Iraqi teenagers because they watched the matches of his team. The terrorists thought the view matches the violation of religious laws. Football, in their view, is imposed by the West, the game is designed to knock off the true path of the Iraqis. The very same team of Iraq have adequately honored the memory of the children, having reached the semi-finals, where they lost to the Koreans.


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