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13 of the most bizarre new year traditions from around the world

New year love to meet and celebrate around the world. Every nation tries to keep its own traditions and customs, which sometimes seem strange to others. For example, in the Philippines on New year’s day is customary to eat round fruits and wear polka dot things, as the round shape symbolizes wealth. In Spain under the chiming clock that you have to eat 12 vinogradinok, in parallel, make a wish… In the post below, I brought a selection of the most interesting new year traditions in countries.

1. South Africa

In Cape town taken on New year’s throw from the Windows of the old appliances, so new year’s eve here be especially careful.

2. Colombia

3. Japan

In Japan the faithful wear a costume of the animal whose year begins according to the Oriental horoscope (in 2015 it will be dressed as goats), and then go to the temple, where the bells are a sacred 108 times. An essential attribute in the New year is also the smile with which you just have to celebrate the New year under the chiming clock.

4. Denmark

If you don’t like the neighbors, for the New year you need to go… in Denmark. The Danes in this celebration beat old plates and glasses on the doors of their neighbors, friends, and acquaintances. The more plates and glasses smash on your door, the happier you will be next year. Also a chiming clock, they become the chairs and at midnight jump off them, which symbolizes the jump in the New year that brings luck and prosperity.

5. Spain

In Spain new year’s eve it is customary to eat 12 grapes under the chiming clock – one under each kick. Each grape symbolizes good luck for one month of the coming year. In Madrid, Barcelona and other Spanish cities party-lovers gather in the main squares, eat the allotted number of grapes and passed around a bottle of sparkling wine (cava).

6. Finland

One of the oldest Finnish traditions is the casting of molten tin in a jar of water, and then interprets the resulting figure. Figurine in the shape of a heart or ring predicts a wedding in the New year, the ship symbolizes the journey, the figurine is in the shape of pigs – an abundance of food.

7. Panama

During the traditional new year fireworks in Panama, the locals set fire to effigies of celebrities (movie stars to political figures). The effigies represent the old year, and burning intended to expel evil spirits for a good start to the New year.

8. Scotland

In Scotland there is a tradition connected with the arrival of the first guest in the New year. This person should bring a gift (often a bottle of whiskey). Also here there is a tradition of holding fireworks, which is best observed in the small fishing village of Stonehaven. On the streets of the village held a parade with fire.

9. Estonia

In ancient times, Estonians had the custom to eat at least 7 times 31 December, which was the sign of a well-fed New year. Also it was believed that the man who that day ate 7 times, will be in the New year the power of the seven.

10. South America

In Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Venezuela good luck in the New year, brings a special underwear bright colors. A few days before the New year the market traders begin to decompose on their shelves linen bright colors (most popular colors – red and yellow). It is believed that red will bring love in the New year, and yellow – money.

In Bolivia be especially careful over the new year’s table, as the locals baked sweets together with coins.

11. Ireland

Most of the single girls in Ireland puts a pillow under the leaves of mistletoe that promises them an advantageous marriage in the coming year. In addition, the Irish believe that mistletoe banishes failure.

12. Switzerland

In Switzerland on New year’s day drop… ice cream! It promises prosperity and success in the New year.

13. Romania

In Romania, new year’s eve, local residents wear costumes of bears and dancing in the squares, which symbolizes the expulsion of evil spirits.

Waiting your comments with a description of a strange new year traditions that you have seen personally.


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