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The strangest of Japanese tradition

Yokohama — a wonderful combination of ancient traditions and modern technologies

For many people, the land of the Rising Sun is still a mystery, it should be noted – did not understand. Causing inexplicable feelings for its history, culture, traditions as a kind of twisted that all who have not visited the country would probably mean the same thing — leading to a mystery.

Of particular interest is its almost two hundred fifty years, a peculiar synthesis of philosophy and culture, traditions and realities of life, embodied in the almost perfect system of government, imperfect only in isolation from the realities of the rest of the world. The perfect theme for science fiction writers, that would be. if Japan, its governance has become an example to follow. You can probably say with confidence — hardly dark tones predominate.

But today’s Japan is admirable following tradition, moved to modern day achievements of the people, showing the world is not military but the true power of their state.

Japan today despite, the many difficulties, is rapidly developing without losing the original identity. Take any city, small or the unusual, not resting day or night the metropolis — Yokohama, to peer at his face closely and you will see – ultramodern architecture and the boiling life like any proud big world, between the port and business centre of Yokohama — Japan’s largest, by turnover and volume of foreign trade. But not only they are the symbols of the city. If possible, it is probably really worth to buy a plane ticket and a few hours to plunge into the rhythm of life of Yokohama, at least in the role of an ordinary tourist. First time to visit this city can not hit the combination of large amounts of super skyscrapers and the same number of well-equipped areas for children. Take a look at the tallest building in the city — landmark tower, three hundred meters high building, which became the hallmark of the proud, his character, climb to the observation deck via the high-speed Elevator in the world and already with a height of more than three hundred meters to estimate which opened eyes a panorama, to look at the surrounding landscape, more precisely in Japan.

It is advisable to visit a giant, a hundred metres high, the Ferris wheel, admire the beautiful panorama overlooking the 860-meter Yokohama Bay bridge — the epitome of delicate architectural solutions through technological progress and today is the pride of every resident of Japan.

Yokohama is of interest for lovers of antiquity, the admirers of cultural heritage — a visit to the Museum of Sankeien and Yamashita Park will help to get acquainted with the samples of wooden buildings and temples, in the Park visitor will have the opportunity to explore the Maritime Museum. Of course, it is not possible visiting Yokohama, to visit the part of China. its Chinatown. It will help you to compare our impressions and to see Chinatown in the film, but Chinatown in reality and you can be sure you will not be disappointed. Many shops, restaurants and café — a bustling world not so familiar to us to a deeper understanding of not only this city and the country, but also themselves.

Lovers of amusement, entertainment, dreaming to go to the water Park are sure to find entertainment, it’s a Paradise for adults and children. And probably one of the main features of Yokohama — this city is not tiring, despite the fact that, using our language, the rhythm here is really “furious”, not tired because in this town stone building not crushed green parks, and because the Japanese are amazingly friendly and hospitable people who respect themselves and know how to respect others.


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