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Nuga best reviews of doctors

Hi, friends! The way domestic medicine recently crossed paths with the South Korean company that manufactures physiotherapy equipment Nuga best reviews of doctors about which variety.

However, positive feedback still prevail.

Last time we spoke about negative reviews.

Some believe that this meeting sparked a mutual interest, others met products with caution.

Nuga best reviews doctors

The majority of physiotherapists believes that massage beds manufactured by this company, promising for therapeutic treatment. They have diverse functional possibilities that require study. A study is that. However, how and what to think.

Many regions of Russia, especially the North West, require the equipment which makes infrared radiation for conducting the warming procedures. So, about the equipment Nuga best reviews of doctors from these regions are very good, because we had a lot of practice use.

This radiation is soft and able to relax not only muscle spasms, but also to improve them in exchange, thus muscles become stronger. Also stimulates the immune system that the northerners just need.

In addition, the equipment used stones treatment which has not previously practiced in physiotherapy. However, in the East, the jade with tourmanium have been around a while, and successfully.

Of course, their therapeutic effects on the body should be examined. But, no one denies that the medical equipment using these materials in combination with other physiotherapy methods can be used to prevent various diseases.

Doctors about Nuga best

More optimistic applications in medicine for equipment found in the Clinic of psychosomatic diseases SB RAMS. It seems that there doctors about Nuga best can talk for hours.

This is because in every person’s life there are social upheavals, changing a habitual way. And this leads to the development of psychosomatic diseases, which are based on a psychological problem.

Treatment of these conditions is complex and includes massage. Here for the first time began to use massage beds this company on children. It should be noted that pediatricians — the most stringent of the medical staff. Therefore, the selection of treatment was hard.

Treatments and reviews have shown that during the sessions the children were well relaxed and looking forward to the next meeting. Hence we may conclude that about Nuga best reviews doctors were very good, because even the most shy children agreed hard massage.

Of course, the possibility of using this equipment in the complex treatment are still being studied. However, the doctors already leave positive feedback, many happy . For example, managed to prove that:

treatments have a therapeutic effect;

bring psychological comfort.

However, without the advice of a doctor to go into the “Hall of health” does not follow.

The Use Of Nuga Best

Massage beds recently used by a growing number of people. The use of Nuga best wider than the stated contraindications. So, with the help of the “miracle beds” can be cured:

Diseases of spine (osteochondrosis, prolapse of the discs, herniation, scoliosis).

Neuralgia, lumberville, paralysis.

Diseases of the cerebral vessels.



The hearing-impaired.




Migraine and hypertension.

Various skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, allergies).

Massage therapy, of course, reduced spasm relaxes the muscles and gives tone and rightly so. However the effect will not be long, if it does not “fix” other methods.

Therefore, the use of massage beds is not prohibited, but everything must be done wisely. As a conclusion: before to go to the salon ‘ look about Nuga best reviews of doctors and their advice.


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