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B-the Power – the Tradition of preemnichestva in North Korea

Traditions of preemnichestva in North Korea

How North Koreans announced the official appearance of the heir to the throne, has a lot to do with coming to power of Kim Jong-Il.

However, Kim Il sung prepared his son to power longer and not under time pressure, as it does now, and the weakening of the ailing Kim Jong Il.

As in the best family companies, the future head of the company he started his career with almost nothing. In 1964, when Kim Jong-Il was only 20, he went to work in the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party of Korea to the post of instructor and Department head. His main activity at that time was the promotion and culture, as well as political work in the armed forces. In October 1972, Kim Jong Il was elected a member of the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party of Korea. This was the first step to become the official successor.

However, until the mid 1970-ies the name of Kim Jong-Il remained almost unknown in Korea. As I remember now prominent Russian koristi held at this time practice in Pyongyang, the streets were not portraits of him and nobody called him their beloved leader. This title Kim Jong Il received only once in 1974 was elected a member of the political Committee (Politburo) of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party of Korea. At the same time his pictures began to appear throughout the country.

Officially, Kim Jong-Il was declared as the heir to Kim Il-Sung in 1980, when at the conference, similar to the present, he has held high positions in the Presidium of the Politburo, military Commission, the Secretariat of the party and the Supreme people’s Assembly (Parliament) of the DPRK. According to some, at the same time Kim Jong Il began supervising the North Korean secret services. In any case, experts in South Korea believe that it is by his order committed the two most famous terrorist attack, organized by North Korean intelligence services outside the country. In 1983 in Rangoon (Burma) was bombed during the visit of South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan. The President himself was not injured, but 17 people, including the Deputy Prime Minister, the Ministers of foreign Affairs and trade, several Deputy Ministers and personal advisors to the President, were killed. Burmese authorities arrested two North Korean agents. In 1987 the special services North Korea was blown up a South Korean passenger “Boeing 707”, EN route from Baghdad airport of a name of Saddam Hussein international airport in Seoul. In the organization of the terrorist attack were convicted two citizens of North Korea — Sir John, Kim and Kim Hyung-Hee. Kim Sir John had committed suicide when arrested in Bahrain, and his chum managed to save, and it has given grateful evidences. Thanks to her it became known that the terrorist attack was planned under the direct leadership of Kim Jong Il.

By the middle of 1980-ies in North Korea actually developed the dual-control system, in which the President and great leader Kim Il sung had paid the most attention to political work and foreign relations North Korea and dear leader Kim Jong-Il engaged in the daily governance of the country. By this time his status as heir was already so obvious that North Korean propaganda called him the successor of the revolution. In 1991 the father has given the Kim Jong-Il powers of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

Kim Il sung died 8 July 1994. The DPRK launched a three-year mourning period, Kim Jong Il became sole ruler. However, the official transfer of power (and partial) occurred only after the end of mourning. In 1997, Kim Jong Il was elected General Secretary of the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party of Korea. President of the DPRK posthumously assigned to Kim Il Sung and the highest state position was the position of Chairman of the defense Committee of North Korea, which was occupied by Kim Jong Il.


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