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Oriental medicine

Country East for centuries accumulated knowledge about the effects on the body.

For all methods of treatment whose effectiveness is not scientifically proven, it is customary to use the name of folk, alternative or unconventional medicine.

What is hidden under this collective name, which sounds at the mention originated in China, India, Korea or Japan methods of diagnosis and treatment?

Alternative medicine: what is its strength?

For Western Medica naturally prescribe treatment based on the most brilliant, eloquent symptoms. The biome human medicine of the West was divided into two levels: the psyche and the physical body.

The treatment starts with a healing of a particular organ, system – and only then assess the impact of the current illness on the mental state of the patient.

East healers treat the human body more tenderly. According to the belief of the Eastern colleagues, all diseases begin from the very top level – of the mind.

The negative relation with the world leads to constant negative thoughts; due to negative emotions interferes with the circulation of vitality, clogged energy channels – a disease seizes the third level.

And only after the devastating impact of the disease on the meridional (thin) layer begin to show symptoms at the level of the physical body.

Here ’ s a crucial difference to the approach healing in healers of the East: an important it is the relationship between all levels, and treatment of one organ will not give a true recovery – at each level.

Eastern practices

Methods of alternative medicine designed for prevention, the prevention of the disease as such. Conventionally, all kinds of techniques and methods of treatment which involves alternative medicine, divided into the following categories:

homeopathy – the appointment of agents, which contain a highly diluted solution of different substances with action that can provoke the onset of a disease in a healthy person;

– naturopathic – to this direction include aromatherapy, thalassotherapy, herbal therapy, stone therapy, hirudotherapy and other impacts on the processes flowing in the body, with the aim to launch the mechanism of self-healing;

– acupuncture (igloukalivanie, reflexology) – a Chinese method of treatment by the impact on biologically active points (zones);

– manual therapy – a method used for the treatment or diagnosis of diseases by exposure of the rivers of the therapist;

– acupressure (shiatsu) – a kind of Japanese massage in which to cure should the local press (by hand, often – a finger or group of fingers) on a specific point or area with a large number of bioactive points;

– Ayurveda-Hindu system of medicine as knowledge about the harmonious way of life that includes treatment using minerals and products with animal or vegetable origin;

– qigong – a truly international system of treatment based on correct breathing and used by healers in China, Tibet, India, Vietnam, Japan and other Eastern countries.

Is the treatment effective methods of Oriental medicine?

Despite existing in non-traditional medicine prejudice to the practices of healers from China, India, Japan and eyeing Western colleagues. Skeptics claim that alternative treatments don’t have validity from the point of view of physiology – and hence cannot be considered worthy of consideration in the modern world.

However, more and more people in search of a cure their disease go to the centers that offer their help to those who are desperate to forget about the pain and suffering. Why?

Principles of diagnosis, treatment, prevention of diseases that are considered a priority for alternative medicine, put first the utmost respect for each patient. It is with the restoration of harmony begins the cure – and friendly, caring approach has provided a powerful stimulus to rehabilitation and recovery.


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South Korea invites you to the Festival ginseng
National organization of tourism of Korea invites you to participate in the collection of ginseng, and also offers to feel the healing power of this plant. Ginseng is one of…