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German culinary habits – Deutsche Essgewohnheiten
Hätten Sie gewusst, dass … Eisbein = die Schweinshaxe = pork shank Sauerkraut = sauerkraut abwechslungsreich = variety Speisezettel der – die Speisekarte – das Menü = menu ablehnen =…

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Tours in Andong, Korea in Helpful articles on

Tours in Andong, Korea” into a Useful articles

Today want to travel to Korea is a good alternative to batch tour. The advantages he has several. The main thing — the freedom of choice of time of visit, place of accommodation, of entertainment options. Second — savings. It is beneficial for booking rooms at hotels in Korea to carry out very simple. In the tour are special online services. Here you can choose from a variety of options most suitable of comfort and value rooms.

Every city in Korea has its own flavor. If you want to get acquainted with national traditions, history and culture of this country, you can go to Andong. This is a very beautiful and distinctive city. Nowhere else in Korea not so carefully stored past-rooted traditions. Andon — the embodiment of Korean culture. Acquaintance with this wonderful city can be done on a self-tour and sightseeing program you will be at their discretion.

Andon ancient history. A town in the province of Gyeongsangbuk-Do was founded in 1 ad In the middle Ages it was considered a major center of Confucianism. Modern Andon — a popular tourist center in Korea. This city, with which recommend to begin acquaintance with this wonderful country. In the Andon many attractions of historic, architectural character. Here you can see the traditional rituals, to observe the life of Koreans. In her culturally very little has changed since ancient times.

The main attraction of the city is included in the world heritage List of UNESCO. This is the village of Hahoe. It is a unique ethnographic Museum under the open sky. And it is not staged scenery and not a tourist attraction. In Hahoe people live, keeping old traditions not only in the culture, daily life, and architecture. Every Sunday the villagers leave on its main street, to dance the national dance in masks. This is a very colorful show that is recommended to see to all tourists interested in traditions and culture of Korea.

In the village of Hahoe has long made mask that was used for shamanic rituals. Today, they are used in theatrical productions and dance. You can also purchase a similar product of folk art as a souvenir of the trip to Andong. In the village you can go as yourself (it is located directly in the city), and as part of a tour group with a guide. The tour offers any specialized Bureau in the Andon.

You can explore the other attractions of the Korean city. Enormous popularity among tourists for its museums, Andon. The most famous, of course, the Museum of masks. Many Russian tourists visit the famous Museum “Ju”. Here you can taste Korean national alcoholic drink, as well as traditional dishes that are served to him. With the culinary traditions of the Koreans you will be able to meet and in the many restaurants of Andong. National dishes and drinks is quite exotic and worthy of attention.

In the city, which since ancient times is the center of Confucianism, preserved many of the attractions of a religious nature. The temples and monasteries that are open today for visitors. Also of interest is the Confucian Academy ’s Dosan Seowon”. It is the largest religious school Korea and one of the main architectural attractions of the city.

Access to Andon of can local transport, for example from Seoul. In it is located the nearest to city airport. Booking of tickets to Seoul to Moscow is convenient to make online. This service saves money and time.


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