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Wedding traditions and wedding gifts in Korea

For the true Korean wedding is one of the most significant events in life. This is due to the fact that the old Korean custom of man was considered an adult only after marriage, regardless of his age. Thus even forty-year-old “honeymooners” was his long-awaited social status.

Modern wedding ceremony is usually carried out in the so-called “the hall of rituals”. Despite the name, these places are organized exclusively for weddings. Some families prefer to celebrate at home, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Still the great value has a choice of the wedding date. If in ancient times it was customary to consult soothsayers, but now the young prefer to choose the day according to the old lunar calendar. Usually, the choice falls on a Saturday or Sunday to come to the wedding was as much invited.

In earlier times, the bride’s attire was a petticoat of red silk, olive green jacket and purple robe. But since the middle of last century in Korea rooted Western traditions, and now the main wedding garment is the gorgeous white dress, and groom – the classic suit or coat, which usually have rented.

Korean couple love to take pictures, so before the ceremony often go on a photo shoot. Beautiful wedding photo album – a mandatory attribute of any Korean family.

No wedding is complete without weft – it is believed that they symbolize marital fidelity. In our time of living birds taken to replace the wooden figures.

Korean celebration is different and also the number of guests, the number of which usually ranges from one hundred fifty to five hundred people. It is accepted to call not only relatives, but also the most distant relatives, but also friends, acquaintances and colleagues.

Despite the fact that the wedding – the event is costly, in most cases, it partially pays for itself. This is greatly facilitated by the ancient tradition of giving the newlyweds money in envelopes, which are formed in a special tray that is installed at the entrance to the dining hall. Each envelope must be signed so that the couple could appreciate how generous were each invited guest. Other gifts, usually not awarded.

For a few minutes before the wedding guests come into the hall and seated on chairs, and then begins the ceremony. The first to fall mother of the groom and the bride. They approach the dais, which will be a ritual and lit symbolic candles. Then they bow to each other and take their places of honor.

Then the hall is the bridegroom, and after him comes the bride, which is led by the hand by the father or another senior man in the family. It is noteworthy that the view girls have to be omitted, that is a demonstration of modesty and gentleness of the bride. These qualities in ancient times, Koreans considered the main advantages of women.

Suited to the young master of ritual – this role usually try to invite well-known and respected man. After a short speech the Manager offers the bride and groom bring each other an oath of love and fidelity. When young said Yes, he proclaims them husband and wife. Then the Manager talks about the virtues of the newlyweds and wishes them a happy family life.

After the official part the guests go to the Banquet, and the young are sent to a special room to welcome family and her husband’s parents. For this ceremony they changed into traditional clothing.

After completing all the rituals required, the couple together with their parents are sent to the guests, and immediately after the Banquet go on their honeymoon.


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