National symbol of Japan
The national symbol of Japan inspires not only Japanese residents but also people around the world. The Japanese themselves in matters relative to its national wealth are divided into two…

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Unusual traditions of the world
There are many diverse traditions. Each nation has its own strange traditions that may make us surprise and even shock. If You find yourself in a foreign country with interesting…

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Sexy Japanese tradition(s)
1. Cottages:. The fact that the Japanese turned on all sorts of technologies no longer secret. What they find sexy where no a priori - is clear. Duch: is sex…

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German culinary habits – Deutsche Essgewohnheiten

Hätten Sie gewusst, dass …

Eisbein = die Schweinshaxe = pork shank

Sauerkraut = sauerkraut

abwechslungsreich = variety

Speisezettel der – die Speisekarte – das Menü = menu

ablehnen = reject, reject

das Getränk = drink

…die internationale Küche in Deutschland ist auch weitverbreitet . Italienisches, asiatisches, türkisches, griechisches oder osteuropäisches Essen ist in jeder größeren Stadt erhältlich.

der Wein = the wine

der Schnaps = schnapps, vodka

Did You know that…

… sausage in most countries identified with German cuisine. They clearly are the favorite choice of fast food, which catches the eyes of guests in Germany, be it curry sausage, Thuringian or Nuremberg sausages, in sandwiches or potato salad. In the summer they lie on each grill.

It is hardly possible to believe, but German sausages are ubiquitous and very popular even in far Japan: the Frankfurt sausages are on every Japanese national holiday and you can buy them in many supermarkets.

…in Germany, many traditional national meals, famous and abroad, such as pork knuckle with sauerkraut, meanwhile, are rarely on the table. Fatty meals that used to accompany people in the scarce winter months, has lost it’s purpose. Foreign visitors are surprised when they meet the Germans, who have never eaten these typical German dishes… Many German meals are eaten only on special occasions. Traditional German cuisine to complement the international and national dishes. It was young Germans hard to draw attention to diverse and healthy food. Many even refuse meat. On today’s menu have a strong impact, first of all, neighbouring States, such as France and Italy. A variety of drinks remains high everywhere in Germany: regional expression of “German beer culture” in this case, of course, the most noticeable.

… Sunday after lunch is often served additional meals. Depending on the time of year to bake different kinds of cakes and in the evening offer to the family and friends coffee. In Germany, often as an invitation for a lunch or dinner invite for “coffee” (or rather, coffee and many pastries). What cakes, depends on the time of year. In the summer, for example, prepare plum cake or the strawberry. Serves winter Christmas gingerbread and cakes that contain dried fruit. In Germany, there are countless and many, like black forest cake and Apple strudel, you know and abroad.

… the majority of Germans willingly eat a bigger Breakfast and pay for that time. In Germany it’s normal that friends have invited you for Breakfast. Many young Germans are also willing to have Breakfast with friends in a cafe. Most German cafés have a great selection of dishes for Breakfast and serving Breakfast or lunch to three hours.

…that German food is famous for its regional national dishes. In the North eat more potatoes than in the South, and also drink more tea than coffee. In the South of Germany is often served spatzle – type pasta. Milk and cheese play a large role in southern Germany (in the Alps). In the North a lot of fish dishes.

…international cuisine in Germany is also widespread. Italian, Asian, Turkish, Greek or Eastern European food is available in every big city.

…mineral water is drunk everywhere and, in fact, hardly drink tap water. Often also mix the juice with mineral water – then it is called Schoorl. Children often drink in the morning cocoa. Here you can drink beer, wine and champagne with 16. Beer in Germany is very popular and there are more than 5,000 varieties of beer! this is truly a national drink. Wine and schnapps from crops and different fruits too like to drink.


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