National beverage of Japan
In recent times, Japanese culture has become popular in many countries around the world. Due to this traditional Japanese food has become known to almost all, but the most traditional…

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The poppy Family Poppy Papauer Herbaceous plant. Promostoyki stems, strongly vitasia, sprawling
Herbaceous plant. Promostoyki stems, strongly vitasia, spreading, height 30-60cm. Basal leaves pinnatipartite, large, serrated; stems - tripartite pinnate-lobes rassechennye. The leaves and stems are covered with coarse hairs. The flowers…

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Music of Korea
Music Korea   is a traditional Korean music, which includes folk, vocal and ritual music styles that belong to the Korean nation. Korean music, Korean art, painting and sculpture, has…

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Some, having heard about Thailand and Southeast Asia, I start to swear. Alas, buying from the firms and third-round stupidly after spending 10 days at the hotel, this country will not understand. One day, after collecting the BAG , I flew to BANGKOK — and for all sick of this small and vibrant country. Since then I have been to tai several times and I don’t disappoint. A wonderful country, vibrant cities, wonderful people, delicious food and magic — the magic of my TY. Although everyone who has been to Thailand loves it in his own way.


If you haven’t decided where to go, just click the link WHERE to GO in the grey bar at the top. There infa cities and regions Ty. And on the pages for each region there is still additional information. For example, I press WHERE to GO. then BANGKOK. Well, on the page of BANGKOK exhibited many materials of. HOT spots of BANGKOK and so on And so on each city and region.

YELLOW NEWSPAPER — a gathering of interesting information: Here you can read about Thai fit and how doing tattoo’s ; on Thai SHEMALES and UNUSUAL RELIGIONS ; about the AMAZING TRADITIONS and CUSTOMS. In short, it contains vivid pictures of Ty and other countries. Southeast Asia, very colorful region.

In the OTHER section of the COUNTRY (the gray bar at the top) you can read interesting reports from other countries, in particular where I put the block of materials on MYANMAR. Assembled manarski block on Thai principle: click on the link MYANMAR. and there on a basic page laid out a lot more information: HOTELS in YANGON. BURMESE PHRASEBOOK. YANGON, TRANSPORT OF MYANMAR. MONEY OF MYANMAR. WHAT TO EAT IN MYANMAR. well, and more .

If you wish to see a better photo, click on it with the mouse and also return back. Well, if you want to use for example card, but it seems to you small, download it to your comp and look at. All the cards are big enough.

Oh, and also, if anyone has FEEDBACK on travel to any country, descriptions of hotels, expose them on the FORUM in a REPORT or send me on «soap». Will gladly post your recommendation on the website.

If you want to buy or sell a tourist gimmick, you will at TOURBUREAU.


If you feel that you are not ready for the trip, please contact me at the Agency. Select you a tour for every taste. Now trying to deal with tourism professionally.

Consult those who know. This rule has not yet been canceled. I will be glad to help! CALL.

Vladimir BULBS

Housing — one of the most important issues to be solved for every traveler. Find a hotel «purse» «» very important. Otherwise the impression from your trip can be spoiled. I hope this will not happen. Good to find hotels. Here is one of the best search engines of this kind.


I want to add that I don’t live in Thailand, I go there as a tourist. So to follow the changes of prices, schedules, dates, etc. difficult. In Thailand, in other countries everything is changing day by day. In any case, this author’s guide will help those who are planning a trip to Southeast Asia!

ABOUT TICKETS, HOTELS, TRANSPORT, ETC.: Anyway tickets, hotels should be booked in advance. Not to wander the web in search of the right sites, buy tickets here. The site contains all the services that will help you prepare for the journey. Is there and tickets book, and hotel book. Rent cars again — convenient.


The History of tea traditions of the world: contradictions and patterns
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National symbol of Japan
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