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The Japanese tradition - Articles-user - Blog - Asia-TV anime and drama online
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The may performances in Moscow clubs of the group “Alash” and Metropolitan seminars shaman AI-Churek Oyun ended with a joint action. In the Center of tea culture on may 22, they spent the evening of Tuvan culture, and then went to the festival “Ancol” in Switzerland.

Club “the Center of tea culture” (street Kazakova, d. 18) focused on Chinese and Japanese tradition of the tea ceremony. Located in a picturesque green area on the territory of the Institute of social technologies and has its own patrons – lovers of the exotic East.

On the evening of Tuvan culture came in and the regulars of the club – the Muscovites, and students from Tuva. The action is very well fit in the atmosphere of the centre. Carpets, Chinese and Japanese motifs in the interior, function rooms, bubbling fountains, soft music for relaxation, smells of incense. Go here only barefoot, razuvshis in the wardrobe. Sitting on the Ottoman. In the menu of different varieties of green tea.

A pleasant surprise was that the hall for the concert had the decoration of the interior space of the Yurt. From a large wooden disc on the ceiling of the wall in left pole, forming a cone shape above his head. In the center of the room is an artificial fireplace made of stones and candles. It is somewhat strange that with such a design of the tea room named “Heavenly boat”. But the relationship with sky is still there: in the form of the second tier, where tea drinkers and Eastern music can be reclining. Avoid “unfortunate cases of tea”, says the sign when entering the hall, guests are asked not to use in the “boat” mobile phones.

Members of the group “Alash” – the students of Honored artist of Russia and the people’s khoomeiji Tuva Kongar-ool Ondar. Owners of “Grand Prix” of the festival “Ustuu-Khuree–2001”, one of the best of today’s graduates national office Kyzylkoga school of art (Director Viktor Nagornyy).

“Members of Alash” Mai-ool Sedip, Bady-Dorzhu Ondar and Ayan Shirizhik created a memorable image of the Tuvans of ancient times with a monochromatic national robes and braids, worn by men traditional Tuva. Gorovici skillfully familiar with all traditional instruments and styles khoomeya. They became a new generation of professional musicians and singers, promote our art worldwide.

The young performers presented the audience with his own interpretation of Tuvan folk songs “Dunguldai”, “ene-SAI”, “Kara-Braaaa”, “DECA-PA”, “the chagytai lake”. In the performance of the trio of “Alash” took part and by the fourth, it is not provided by the program. The open window of the hall came out of the forest. When the singers started ringtones khoomeya, joined local… the Nightingale, which could not tolerate competition. Trills of the Nightingale, the jingle of Sugita and the mourning of ISIS has created a harmony of natural sounds and beautifully decorated each other.

The shamanic rite of the consecration of the attendees made AI-Churek Oyun with assistant. Dim lights in the hall, the smell of artisha, execution algisa, the roar of the tambourine and whirling shaman at the improvised hearth moved all in the space of Tuvan Yurt and gave a presentation about the ancient rituals of our people.

About Tuvan musical culture to the audience told the organizer of the festival “Ustuu-Khuree” Igor Dulush. All participants in the evening were out on 24 may in Switzerland. Tuva will present in Europe its most important wealth in order to take their turn at the festival “Ustuu-Khuree” in July, gifts of the Europeans. Cultural exchange continues.


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