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X-lander XA buggy 2 in 1 antarctica africa asia america europa X-lender x-a 3 in 1 to buy Kiev Ukraine buy price reviews Price Wagaki Kiev Ukraine


– stroller X-lander XA 2 in 1, for children from 0 to 36 months;

– walking the block is installed only the face from my mother;

– carrycot with carrying handle;

– nice big hood;

– all wheels inflatable ball bearings;

Baby pram X-lander XA 2 in 1 for children from birth to 36 months, has a robust aluminum frame profile with a specially hardened surface that provides a high structural strength. On the stroller can be installed car seat: x-car, x-lander by BeSafe, maxi-Cosi, Recaro.

Features of stroller X-lander XA :

– 5-point safety harness; spacious mesh for products;

– Smooth regulation of the back – to quickly pick a comfortable position, converts to almost a horizontal position (160°-170°) – comfortable tilt for sleep of the child after 6 months; a pump for wheels included;

– Removable bumper with soft grip; insulated cover for legs;

– The covering of the stroller X-lander XA is easily removable, washable at 30°C

– Large hood with viewing window that descends almost to the bumper;

– The rear part of the hood is detachable for access of air in the warm season;

– X-lander XA in the hood – a huge pocket that will quite replace the bag;

Step X-lender h-A is adjustable in two positions, extending the sleeping space;

– Large pneumatic wheels with paging and control system stiffness of depreciation have a soft stroke and a high permeability through the snow (snow will not get stuck in the wheels); the simple system of removing the wheels; the chassis is made of light alloys;

– Front swivel wheels 360° with the possibility of fixation;

– Convenient height-adjustable ergonomic handle with leather trim;

– This stroller X-lander XA is a very convenient carrying handle;

– Easy to use, ergonomic brake efficiently blocks both rear wheels at the same time;

– The warranty on the stroller to 3 months;

– Manufacturer: DELTI (Poland).

Size stroller X lender :

– wheelbase width: 61 cm;

– folded: HH,5 cm;

– open: HH,5 cm;

– dimensions cradle: HH cm;

– walk width – 32 cm

Weight stroller X-lander XA :

– frame. 10 kg;

– stroller with recreational unit: 14 kg;

– stroller with carrycot: 15,2 kg.


– chassis + carrycot + cover on the cage + seat unit + cover on foot onto the stroller + rain cover + mosquito net.

The video clip is considered stroller X-lander XA.

The video clip shows back adjustment the stroller seat.

Video review of stroller X-lander XA, seat sold separately.

About the company the manufacturer of stroller X-Lander X-A.

Manufacturer of stroller X-Lander X-A . is a Polish company Delti . Firm Delti provides a wide range of products, with a huge selection of colors. The materials which are used by the manufacturer, are of high quality.

In the 50-ies of the last century the company Polish family Mahura called Deltim produced various models of baby strollers. So Peter Mahura, son of the company founder, was engaged in wheelchair since childhood.

On the basis of 50 years experience he has created a new and unique brand, which can be confidently said about how special and unrivalled product for demanding parents. Each buggy has its advantages and the special features that will allow you to choose a perfect model.

Baby stroller X-Lander X-A is a laureate of prestigious award “product of the year”, recognized by the most important jury – happy parents.


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