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We considered: Japanese traditions are very important and though they stem from ancient Japanese culture, they adapted to modern conditions. We've all heard about important social traditions and customs in…

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The History of tea traditions of the world: contradictions and patterns

There are quite a affordable and effective way: to pay attention to what is happening in the world now, and look at the proposed historical texts through modernity. Now I love tea? In China, Central Asia, Japan, Azerbaijan, Iran. In his native Russia. Sometimes to the list of tea drinkers add England. However, there is information that the use of tea in England was introduced legislatively-enforced in 1851. Was published the so-called «law on the five o-clock”.

One of the points of this act was ordered filed mandatory 15-minute tea at five o’clock. Thus, the British proved to the world that will be forced. However. After a service of modern day Englishmen are cutting the shaft to drink beer and play cards in public houses – «public houses”. The pub – abbreviated. Invasion in tea house – not observed. Therefore, there is great suspicion that the soul is stored in the Englishman pub. With other Western European countries the situation is relatively tea is even more stressful.

In Finland, for example, tea is still called «Russian drink”, and the Finns themselves, of course, prefer coffee. In France, according to eyewitnesses, the morning drink a Cup of tea – a big problem. At best – a teapot hanging in the cafe with a replacement for me to pull the wet bag with something. Pleasure – 4 Euro, correct me, let experienced. There are a few peculiarities in the geographical distribution of tea.

Tea is an inhabitant of hot countries. But, it turns out, he is perfectly winters in the snowy mountains. In Transcarpathia, near Mukachevo, is still living, probably have in the wild, the most Northern tea plantation. This tea plantation was founded by order of Stalin in 1949. Winter trees perfectly. That first winter, tea has stood the minus temperature 20,5 ° C, scientists are very surprised. But the fact is the fact.

In Soviet times tea carefully took care of and cultivated. Now plantation rests solely on the person’s enthusiasm, remembering her bookmark. The Professor of Uzhhorod University in the past, Vasyl Komendar, adapting to current conditions, made even a business plan, figuring how much plantation profits gave. But wanting to get rich was not. Ukrainians people coffee rather than tea.

So for the last 20 years have not found a better application of tea leaves, except in funeral wreaths. Sell more savvy tea twigs as mysterious cure for all diseases. Of course, helps. In Transcarpathia, however, tea is still possible to save. The fact that Transcarpathia – an ancient land Rusin. Maybe to explain it livable in the snow mountains evergreen trees. Or someone has a more convincing explanation?

The geographical spread of the tea tree, as cultivated crops, does not coincide with the geography of love for tea. Agricultural lands are distributed according to the same laws, cultural traditions – other. As a result, compelled to cultivate the tea people, with a culture that is very far from the tea party. Georgians, transforming themselves into independent, destroyed the most valuable tea plantation as unnecessary. Probably, the Georgian tea song would sound different than a red wine.

Raises questions the accepted history of the spread of tea, as a drink. It is believed that to conquer the world he started from China. And the Chinese themselves, it is believed that tea was brought to China by Buddhists. They came from the North. Now and tea – drink a ritual of the Buddhists. They say in Buddhist monasteries there is even tea. This is the time when domestic Affairs are reduced, the monks drinking tea and talking to each other. And what is the ritual drink of the Taoists?

Ritual drinks – a serious matter. Whether in Christianity, ritual drink tea in the Crimea is not “hacked” the cultivation of tea. Preference is also given to wine, although the grapes in Crimea to grow on an industrial scale harder than tea. It need to fertilize, protect, treat. But the Scythian tea tree can live, and live safely and independently in the Nikitsky Botanical garden.


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