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Christmas traditions of the peoples of the world

Fabulous, magical, mysterious – that’s all it is: New year. Most popular on our planet, a holiday, a time to make wishes. And make them come true, — sure to follow the usual traditions. How on Earth there are peoples, so many rituals of New year celebrations. Consider the most interesting and fun customs.

Emotional Italians and new year’s eve in his repertoire: to be rid of the burden of past problems and start with a clean slate, they are getting rid of junk and old furniture. And quite unusual way: throw out the balconies. So to go in this time near Italian homes unsafe: suddenly it will be not just a leaky pan and the couch… Russian children wait for Santa Claus, and the Italian at night while they sleep, comes the fairy Befana. If a kid was in the old year well, she hung by the fireplace fills empty stockings with sweets. But the prankster in the morning you find instead of gifts only embers.

But in France there is a Santa Claus. and his name is Pere Noel. He also reluctantly shown to the children on the eyes, but likes to give them gifts, stealthily filling their shoes. New year’s eve is the most symbolic meal at the French table — pie baked inside Bob. The finder will be lucky the whole year, and during the celebration all need to obey him and to fulfill all his wishes. And, of course, what French New year without a glass of good wine! Before it to try and given to the guests, the winemaker must clink glasses with a barrel, to congratulate her happy New year, to thank for the harvest and to wish that next was even richer.

English bell ringers shortly before midnight “wrap up” of the bells of the churches of blankets. From this when the sound is echoing beats is slightly audible murmur. And in only 12 hours, when the integuments are removed, the bells Herald the coming of the New year in a loud voice. This point is especially lovers are waiting for: not to spend the next year apart, they need to urgently kiss. And not just anywhere, but under a branch of mistletoe. By the way, faddish, yet practical the British first began to send each other Christmas cards, and then this tradition was picked up by others.

It is interesting to celebrate the New year and the Asian way. The Vietnamese, so it was good decorate the branches of a flowering peach tree. The Chinese take to the streets to light the lanterns and turn the countryside into a sea of small fires. The Burmese believe in the New year, so it was rainy and fruitful, it is necessary to arrange a competition in tug of war. Rural village vies with village, and the city face off the inhabitants of the streets.

In Japan on the eve of it is hype in clothing stores: make the New year happy, it certainly should be found in them. And at midnight be sure to listen to the sound of bells, which is twelve has as much as 108 times! So much, in the beliefs of the Japanese, is required to destroy all evils and vices. Once the bell stops, people have to laugh, otherwise we wouldn’t see him good luck. On the doors of Japanese homes you will definitely see the branches of bamboo and pine trees — symbols of longevity and fidelity in love. To give each other gifts the Japanese have taken at dawn, when they come out of their houses to see as the sun rises. The most popular new year’s gift – a bamboo rake. Sharing them, the donors wish each other a good harvest, as you might think, and “rake” in the coming year more happiness.

Not inferior in originality and traditions of people in other countries. Panamanians instead of just listening to the chiming of the clock include a siren, honk car horns, loud screaming – loud because of all the forces, to win over a New year. And in Colombia the old year you can not just hold and see, but even touch – at a local carnival he was played by a fun actor on stilts.


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