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Robots do not only in Japan. Robot “GAZ Group”

Is to build robots can not only Toyota or Honda. On the basis of “GAZelle” made a Russian robot.

The news has little to do with lean manufacturing, but it is noteworthy that robotics are interested in one of the companies-pioneers of lean production in Russia. On the Second all-Russian robotic festival “GAZ Group” presented the concept of an unmanned vehicle.

Photo of mechanisms of concept unmanned version of the GAZelle.

All-Russian robotic festival is one of the largest Russian events in the field of innovative technologies and robotics among children and youth in the framework of the program “Robotics: engineering cadres of innovative Russia” implemented by the Federal Agency for youth Affairs of the Russian Federation and the charity Fund of Oleg Deripaska “Volnoe Delo”.

Judging by the photos, the concept is extremely simple: for example, the steering is carried out using a metal chain. However it is not clear how robomobile sees. At least photos it is impossible to understand it. Only if the use of the GLONASS system is limited to the vision of the car? Also the question remains the pedals and the gear lever — how involved these elements? In General, what to say — a lot of questions .

Yes, the concept is incredibly simple in its implementation. For the most part and the robot is hard to call. This idea will only cause a smile, others will swear at her and make fun of, but I think it is significant that the Russian automaker is finally interested in something really new, modern, and unique. And in my opinion, this simplicity can be considered a plus: requires much less cash, there is no need to change the thinking design of the car, and that is very important in Russian realities — the system is easy to repair. It should be noted that to implement the ideas of an unmanned vehicle, engaging young and promising specialists of robotics.

The concept exists in a single copy, but in the summer youth forum “Seliger-2010” is going to do some more similar instances. “GAZ group” has already allocated six cars for the conversion and participation in the first Russian competition of robotic vehicles “Robocross “Seliger-2010”.

Reportedly, the vehicle had six of the most promising Russian teams engaged in robotics. This team “MADI PROFITeam” (Moscow), “Red Eyes” (Carpets), “MobRob” (Saratov, Russia), “Aurora” (Ryazan), Federal training center of the Robotics program and the Nizhny Novgorod regional training center for the Robotics program. Teams using sets of robotics equipment needs to convert the cars into a vehicle, capable of independently, without a driver or remote control, in fully automatic mode to make a run on the highway on the banks of lake Seliger, guided by the information of Global navigation satellite system GLONASS.

Personally I want to see what can come of it. What do you think?


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