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New year gifts from different countries

Christmas gifts from different countries

Italian sophistication.

Christmas gift for Italians it is a demonstration of elegance and refined taste. Holiday gifts usually start preparing a few months. Good wine, the Italian will be happy not less than a classy suit or a nice scarf. The main thing is that the gift was unique.

Japanese joy.

Delivery of Christmas gifts in Japan – a real sacrament. Even these gifts are called in a special way – “oseibo”. This tradition originated in the middle Ages. In late December, the samurai were necessarily exchanged gifts. Every present was to strictly conform to the status of samurai in the feudal hierarchy. But still, the gift was an everyday thing.

As for children’s gifts, every child in the land of the rising sun and today believe that dream will come true, if new year’s eve to put under the pillow drawing of what I dream. To offend the Japanese is also very simple. Giving New year flowers, they can very seriously hurt. Because in Japan it is believed that such a present had the right to present only members of the Imperial family.

Portuguese heat.

The Portuguese value most new year’s surprises, made by hand. The representatives of this ethnic group prefer manually embroidered tablecloths, fabric napkins, tapestries, carved wooden candlesticks, boxes and picture frames. From infancy parents tell their children that warmth, nested in subject, will not allow him to break or be damaged. The Portuguese believe that the person who received such a gift, who you protected from unfair and unnecessary purchases.

Irish religiosity.

In Ireland the tradition of presenting Christmas gifts has contributed to a fertile religious soil. Therefore, children presented with figures of angels, carved in wood the image of Jesus Christ, the virgin Mary. Adults not customary to give very expensive gifts. Here appreciate family values. Going on holiday to the neighbours, the Irish take prepared with his own hands a dish and unmarried men – a bottle of wine.

Greek proportions.

New year’s eve, the Greeks give each other stones. It has a symbolic value that you can understand, after listening to what they say to each other during the presentation. For example: “Let the purse owner will be heavy.” If the stone is small, we wish: “Let the troubles in your home will be the same shallow”. But this is usually not the only one. Together with unusual gifts people exchange baskets with champagne and wine. And whoever in the New year committed to updates, give a new deck of cards.

American extravagance.

Residents of the U.S. tend to addiction to expensive gifts. According to statistics, American middle-class spends at about 800 dollars. Cigarettes, candy, wine, or spirits before the Christmas holidays almost instantly disappear from the shelves. To gifts are often enclosed check, to be able to return to the store a thing that did not like or did not fit. By the way, in early January in all the malls there are huge queues of people who are returning an item. So Americans prefer gift certificates in the amount from 50 dollars and above, which you can choose Christmas gift to yourself.

Bulgarian kiss.

In Bulgaria on New year’s give Cornel sticks. They symbolize all the best that can happen to their owners this year. Young men, walking the surroundings of the cities, touch on lightly dogwood branches passers-by. According to legend, the miraculous power of this tree brings happiness to your house. At midnight for a few minutes in all the houses of Bulgaria, the lights go out. This time is called moments of new year’s kiss, which retains the mystery of the night.


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