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Street food: for those looking for new culinary sensations

In Berlin Street Food is and restaurants, and moving trucks with burgers, and weekly activities, and just very fashionable. We have selected the most popular and interesting places.

Street Food Market Markthalle IX is the first and still lost the popular weekly street fair food. Every Thursday from 17:00 to 22:00 at Markthalle IX food attracts a variety of cafes and restaurants, and in front of the now most tourists do the dishes.

British pies, Thai dumplings, similar to dumplings, Mexican tacos, dishes from Peru and Korea, barbecue is American, allgäu cheese spätzle (noodles very specific cuisine of southern Germany) and many other things. No Thursday is like the previous one, because every time come different cuisines, different countries and different dishes.

About the same as in Markthalle IX from 2013, is recently every Sunday from 12 days in Neue Heimat.

On Sundays it is a tradition started late Breakfast, where everyone can choose a dish to your liking. The only thing that can be a problem — the problem of choice. Gastronomic diversity that prevails here, slay any. Come best big company to take all the different dishes and try each other’s!

Neue Heimat

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin

Not a typical street food to Berlin, or rather the real street food is held on Sundays (and sometimes Saturdays) in a totally not hipster, very wealthy area of Wilmersdorf. And that is why Thai lunch is so beautiful.

Here there are families from Asia and prepare. If you, on the grass, on a small, disposable barbecues the real cuisine of Vietnam, Thailand, China, Korea, and is said to taste the food in this market are superior to all Asian restaurants and to taste the food here, but you’d tried to leave. Yes, grasshoppers and other insects are here too.

Fehrbelliner Platz

10707 Berlin

Another possibility to try real Korean street food cuisine — at Platoon Kunsthalle, which regularly hosts parties series Pojangmacha . which translated means “street vendor”.

Korean national dishes, variations on the theme of burgers and BBQ, snacks and drinks, which definitely passed the taste of Korea. In addition, you can listen to modern Korean music and wonder that is apart of the famous PSY in South Korea a lot of great music.

Platoon Kunsthalle

Schönhauser Allee 9

10119 Berlin

In the case of Burger de Ville it comes pereezdom retro bus in the American style, which is currently stationed in the centre, close to checkpoint Charlie and the metro station Stadtmitte. Here prepare delicious burgers in a variety of options, without a lot of attention and vegetarians.

French fries, as well as excellent meat with fresh salad in a crispy bun, you can try daily from 12 noon to 7 PM.

Friederichstraße 48


If in the case of the first two is absolutely amazing food markets in Markthalle IX in Neue Heimat we are talking about enclosed spaces, Street Food Achse is always held under the open sky in the courtyards of the KulturBrauerei, Prenzlauer Berg. Here is also varied, delicious and incredibly seductive.

The first street food Prenzlauer Berg was held in January this year and quickly became a popular Sunday pastime. While this food fair is held every two weeks, but from June 3 to October and is waiting for guests every week from 11:00 to 17:00.


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