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South Korea invites you to the Festival ginseng

National organization of tourism of Korea invites you to participate in the collection of ginseng, and also offers to feel the healing power of this plant.

Ginseng is one of the most valuable medicinal plants in Asia, renowned for its healing and strengthening the body properties. Traditionally, ginseng was one of the most favorite gifts Korean rulers, which they exchanged with the Chinese rulers, as well as the main trading goods during the reign of the Koryo dynasty (918 – 1392 ad).

Variety of ginseng found in Korea is known as “Panax ginseng C A Meyer” (panax – “all”) or “the Bark of INSAM” (jenjen the Crust). This plant is divided into two types: “Samson” wild mountain ginseng “INSAM” – cultivated ginseng. If the first type is known as a means effective with stronger effect, the second type being grown specifically to meet the growing demand, because scientists do not cease to improve its quality.

To get acquainted with a long tradition and history of this medicinal plant everyone will be able at the ginseng Festival – 2009. It will be held from 18 to 27 September on the square downtown ginseng Kumsan district and the Street of ginseng and herbs County Kumsan-gun, the province of chungcheongnam-do.

As “YONG” in the representation of National tourism Organization of Korea in Vladivostok, Kimsan is the largest area of production of ginseng in the country and one of the largest exporters of these products in China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and North America.

This year the key words of the festival will be “beauty”, “smile” and “FILIAL piety”. At the festival will be shown not only medical products, made on the basis of ginseng. The organizers promise many interesting programs with participation of visitors. In a special pavilion, visitors can even check your health and consult doctors of Oriental medicine.

The exhibition in the center of ginseng Kasana you can see the whole process of growth of a root of ginseng, and international fair – to buy at a reasonable price ginseng rice cakes, cosmetics on the basis of this plant, ginseng chips, red ginseng and more. There will also be advice for buyers and exporters of ginseng.

But that’s not all. In the pavilion for the care of health visitors will offer to take a foot bath with the addition of red ginseng, to do facial massage with healing masks, and also hover feet in water with herbs. Experts will advise on diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, stress management, as well as recommendations on physical exercises.

In addition, the festival will be held cooking classes. Everyone will be able to learn how to properly cut and dried ginseng, as well as eating it raw on the spot. Experts say that metal devices, such as knives, suppress properties of ginseng, therefore, the use of ginseng in food nenarushennym is the best way to maximize his power.

The guests and participants of the symposiums, sporting events, song contest, folklore performances and street performances. Promise that the highlight of the festival will be a gathering of ginseng directly from the plantation. This part of the holiday as a rule is of special interest among tourists, since they will have the opportunity to dig ginseng root.


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