Wedding traditions and wedding gifts in Korea
For the true Korean wedding is one of the most significant events in life. This is due to the fact that the old Korean custom of man was considered an…

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National symbol of Japan
The national symbol of Japan inspires not only Japanese residents but also people around the world. The Japanese themselves in matters relative to its national wealth are divided into two…

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Japanese Women
Japanese women at work Life and social status of women in Japan from ancient times was regulated by steadfast traditions and unwritten laws: the education and training of women was…

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New year gifts from different countries

Christmas gifts from different countries

Italian sophistication.

Christmas gift for Italians it is a demonstration of elegance and refined taste. Holiday gifts usually start preparing a few months. Good wine, the Italian will be happy not less than a classy suit or a nice scarf. The main thing is that the gift was unique.

Japanese joy.

Delivery of Christmas gifts in Japan – a real sacrament. Even these gifts are called in a special way – “oseibo”. This tradition originated in the middle Ages. In late December, the samurai were necessarily exchanged gifts. Every present was to strictly conform to the status of samurai in the feudal hierarchy. But still, the gift was an everyday thing.

As for children’s gifts, every child in the land of the rising sun and today believe that dream will come true, if new year’s eve to put under the pillow drawing of what I dream. To offend the Japanese is also very simple. Giving New year flowers, they can very seriously hurt. Because in Japan it is believed that such a present had the right to present only members of the Imperial family.

Portuguese heat.

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FESTIVALS of JAPAN – the unity of the SPIRIT

Why do we need festivals? Previously, it was thought – for fun and to attract tourists. In Japan, I realized that festivals or holidays, Japanese Matsuri, first of all help people to feel unity and belonging to a single community, culture, traditions. In the literal sense, feeling the shoulder of each other. Will briefly try to convey and offer me a couple of the captured clips.

Each Prefecture, each city, town or even urban area in Japan from time to time conducts festivals, preceded by careful preparation. I will talk about Matsuri in Tokyo’s Asakusa district is the famous Buddhist sensoji temple, with the largest paper lantern on the gate. The pandemonium that occurred before the summer holiday (the name I don’t remember), made me long to find a Parking space – I had long in advance and to wind in the alleys. But in this gossamer of the finest streets, the Japanese were preparing for the holiday. Under the guidance of the senior they decorated mikoshi – the palanquin with the model of the temple, which is considered to be a temporary home of the spirit of a deity. It is from Shinto, the beliefs of the Japanese is intertwined with Buddhism, and folk superstition.

On top of the roof of the mini-temple attached cast in gold, the Phoenix, under the roof Continue reading

Master in Japan

Master’s degree in Japan

Japan is a country with a rich culture and a unique educational traditions, which differ significantly from the usual Russian student. Bachelor graduates who plan to enroll in Japanese graduate, must make an exploratory visit to the country to understand some peculiarities of mentality and way of life.

Graduate in Japan has no restrictions on age and experience coming in, but having a bachelor’s or four-year special education unfinished compulsory. The training takes two years, during which the student must write and defend a thesis in high estimation, and upon graduation to successfully pass the exam.

Japanese mA differs from the other interesting requirement is that a future master is recommended to find a supervisor and discuss the research topic before you apply to University. Then your chances of admission to graduate school are greatly increased.

All graduate students must pass a mandatory entrance exam which is conducted in Japanese. All courses are taught in Japanese in all universities, excluding branches of universities from other countries, which are located in Japan. It is therefore important to take the test in Japanese language, conducted by the Association of international education in 31 countries across the world. It consists of three Continue reading

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