Girls Holiday in Japan or Hina Matsuri – holiday of Hina dolls or Momo-but the secca – the feast of the flowering peaches
In the framework of the celebration of Hina Matsuri are a few different traditions. One of them dates back to the Heian era (794-1185), this day in noble families were…

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National Korean game forum with toys
During the reign of king uijong. Over the last 20 years, the Republic of Korea became a state organizer of almost all international sports competitions, including the Seoul Olympic games…

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Cinema lenses - the Emperor of Japan
Known Russian film Director Alexander Sokurov starts shooting a new film about Japanese Emperor Hirohito, who is the third in the tetralogy on the theme of power. In 1999 came…

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Tea ceremony: a Great influence on the development of various aspects of culture

Tea ceremony

A great influence on the development of various aspects of culture (architecture, gardens, design and applied arts) provided the development of so-called tea ceremony (cha, but Yu). Originally developed in the Zen monasteries, the custom of drinking for courage rare, privozni from China drink — tea — in the XV—XVI centuries became widespread in aristocratic circles and samurai. Strict ritual thee but Yu was developed by a Buddhist monk Murat Suka when shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa (1449-1490). The ceremony began to lead the special masters tea (Tzipi), which became a great influence o the higher of the samurai, Tim including representatives Segui tion, and and court aristocracy. Activity still* famous masters of tea, as Noami (XV century), Senna Ricca (XVI century), Soami (XVI century), and later Furuta Oribe (XVII C.) 1 had a huge impact not only on the formation of Kano! a new tea ceremony, but in the whole artistic culture of Japan!

Sri. *

Original tea ceremony was held in fenced off the screen part of the dwelling. In the XV century began to build some small-scale pavilions, reminiscent of a peasant hut with thatched hipped roof. Rigour and an ascetic simplicity was the main cause which determined the external and internal appearance Continue reading

In Japan disappears a tradition to congratulate each other with the help of postcards “nengajo”

Roman Curia does not want to buy a letter to Michelangelo

NASA and the Russian space Agency has embarked on a unique field experiment

NASA and Roscosmos warned: “the Return to Earth – not a guarantee of rest”.…

The first snow did not stop the harvesting in the archipelago Franz-Joseph in the Arctic

Established on the Arctic archipelago of Franz Joseph winter weather didn’t stop work…

Mi-5 does not see the danger in the influx of refugees to Europe

Spencer stone, defuses the terrorist on the train in France, receive a medal “Purple heart”

Spencer stone – 23-year-old American serviceman, who in August helped to defuse…

Danny Boyle won the main prize of the film festival Tellurideco

Channel CTC International award “Big digit”

In Japan disappears a tradition to congratulate each other with the help of postcards “nengajo”

One of the Christmas traditions in Japan — January 1 morning to open the mailbox and find in it a weighty pack of greeting cards “nengajo” (the message with new year greetings).

In Japan disappears a tradition to congratulate each other with Christmas cards “nengajo”.

However, any traditions over time are fading, and this, apparently, is no exception. As shown by research consultancy Continue reading

Unusual traditions of the world

There are many diverse traditions. Each nation has its own strange traditions that may make us surprise and even shock. If You find yourself in a foreign country with interesting traditions and customs, to adopt these traditions means to show respect for the history and culture of this nation.

In the African Masai tribe people greet each other by jumping. The higher You jump, the more respect will have.

The aboriginal Maori tribe from New Zealand at the meeting are rubbing each other’s noses, it is a greeting. By smell they distinguish tribesmen from strangers.

In Latin America at every meeting and the meeting accepted the embrace and kiss.

Better than the Japanese bow to greet the same way as you. Now the modern Japanese are not surprised the outstretched hand of a foreigner.

In China there is an ancient tradition to avoid the number four. Because “four” sounds like “to die”. If You need to get to the fourth floor, You simply will not find, even if the five-storey house.

In the East traditionally treat guests with tea. Do not pour a bowl full, and slowly. The guest who will sit up, pour a bowl full, which would mean Continue reading

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The Forum is All About Sushi!
News: Japan introduces a system of certification of Japanese restaurants Very interesting news was in the media. And symptomatic at the same time. There are many sources, although the essence,…


Center of Oriental Medicine Chosen - Korea, officially
Centre of Oriental Medicine Chosen * The combination of traditional Korean medicine and modern technology * International clinic, which provided services in 6 languages * Recognized leader in the field…