On the topic of Peculiarities of development of the States of Asia, Africa and Latin America between world wars 1
Test on the theme "features of development of the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America between the world wars" 1. The first world war: a) not affected the development…

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The Forum is All About Sushi!
News: Japan introduces a system of certification of Japanese restaurants Very interesting news was in the media. And symptomatic at the same time. There are many sources, although the essence,…

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The may performances in Moscow clubs of the group "Alash" and Metropolitan seminars shaman AI-Churek Oyun ended with a joint action. In the Center of tea culture on may 22,…

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Wedding traditions and wedding gifts in Korea

For the true Korean wedding is one of the most significant events in life. This is due to the fact that the old Korean custom of man was considered an adult only after marriage, regardless of his age. Thus even forty-year-old “honeymooners” was his long-awaited social status.

Modern wedding ceremony is usually carried out in the so-called “the hall of rituals”. Despite the name, these places are organized exclusively for weddings. Some families prefer to celebrate at home, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Still the great value has a choice of the wedding date. If in ancient times it was customary to consult soothsayers, but now the young prefer to choose the day according to the old lunar calendar. Usually, the choice falls on a Saturday or Sunday to come to the wedding was as much invited.

In earlier times, the bride’s attire was a petticoat of red silk, olive green jacket and purple robe. But since the middle of last century in Korea rooted Western traditions, and now the main wedding garment is the gorgeous white dress, and groom – the classic suit or coat, which usually have rented.

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Tours in Andong, Korea in Helpful articles on

Tours in Andong, Korea” into a Useful articles

Today want to travel to Korea is a good alternative to batch tour. The advantages he has several. The main thing — the freedom of choice of time of visit, place of accommodation, of entertainment options. Second — savings. It is beneficial for booking rooms at hotels in Korea to carry out very simple. In the tour are special online services. Here you can choose from a variety of options most suitable of comfort and value rooms.

Every city in Korea has its own flavor. If you want to get acquainted with national traditions, history and culture of this country, you can go to Andong. This is a very beautiful and distinctive city. Nowhere else in Korea not so carefully stored past-rooted traditions. Andon — the embodiment of Korean culture. Acquaintance with this wonderful city can be done on a self-tour and sightseeing program you will be at their discretion.

Andon ancient history. A town in the province of Gyeongsangbuk-Do was founded in 1 ad In the middle Ages it was considered a major center of Confucianism. Modern Andon — a popular tourist center in Korea. This city, with which recommend to begin acquaintance with this wonderful country. In the Andon many attractions Continue reading

Oriental medicine

Country East for centuries accumulated knowledge about the effects on the body.

For all methods of treatment whose effectiveness is not scientifically proven, it is customary to use the name of folk, alternative or unconventional medicine.

What is hidden under this collective name, which sounds at the mention originated in China, India, Korea or Japan methods of diagnosis and treatment?

Alternative medicine: what is its strength?

For Western Medica naturally prescribe treatment based on the most brilliant, eloquent symptoms. The biome human medicine of the West was divided into two levels: the psyche and the physical body.

The treatment starts with a healing of a particular organ, system – and only then assess the impact of the current illness on the mental state of the patient.

East healers treat the human body more tenderly. According to the belief of the Eastern colleagues, all diseases begin from the very top level – of the mind.

The negative relation with the world leads to constant negative thoughts; due to negative emotions interferes with the circulation of vitality, clogged energy channels – a disease seizes the third level.

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FESTIVALS of JAPAN - the unity of the SPIRIT
Why do we need festivals? Previously, it was thought - for fun and to attract tourists. In Japan, I realized that festivals or holidays, Japanese Matsuri, first of all help…


About the characteristics of wells in Central Asia
Before traveling to the deserts of Central Asia experienced people definitely questioned the local population about the locations of wells in them. Good thing, given that they are sent in…