Program of the subject of the National tradition of the study region (Korea) for direction
 Program the National traditions of the region under study (Korea) for referral / specialty  "Oriental studies, African studies" bachelor program Author The Government Of The Russian Federation State-funded educational institution…

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B-the Power - the Tradition of preemnichestva in North Korea
Traditions of preemnichestva in North Korea How North Koreans announced the official appearance of the heir to the throne, has a lot to do with coming to power of Kim…

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Uzbek absolutely nothing-lagman
Uzbek absolutely nothing-lagman. Products that you need for cooking: For noodles: For the gravy: 400 g of meat Green radish 1 medium size onion (onion) - 2-3 pieces 100 g…

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National Korean game forum with toys

During the reign of king uijong. Over the last 20 years, the Republic of Korea became a state organizer of almost all international sports competitions, including the Seoul Olympic games of 1988. The frescoes, according to another version, sirim developed on the basis of the Tatar wrestling and it came out significantly in the most recent era of Tatar reign of the yuan dynasty, found in one of the tombs of Goguryeo, give reason to believe, 619, that the sport originated 1500 years ago. Three times a year there are competitions on a rank of the strongest and four times a year. E downloads art subak peaked, 175, in 1945. And the world football championship 2002. Two fighters to tumble down the rival on the ground, use physical force and different prismy, holding each other for SATA belt, obroty around the waist and hips. So, were mandatory exams in Taekwondo, to take the office of the municipal clerk. Now sirim continues to be popular spectacular sport for guys and ladies, young and old, and once a year there is a lot of competition, he comes to the files of physical education in middle and high schools. As a result, sirim became one of the most popular and spectator sports in Korea, so great, 178 that competitions are often shown on television that Dasht opportunity Continue reading

Wedding castles – beautiful custom or something more?

Every loving couple wants to make happiness last forever. It’s this desire was the reason for the emergence of a beautiful custom. But tradition to immortalize your relationship on the wedding day appeared not so long ago.

Beautiful custom

The relationship turned out to be permanent, happy, such as on the wedding day, lovers searching for a way to fix this. And even if it’s just a nice ritual, the young wife sincerely believe in his power and ability to make their Union stronger. The deeper mutual feeling, the greater symbolic value get the wedding locks. Lovers want to hang the symbol of eternity of their happiness in a beautiful place, and the key to permanently remove from the eyes of strangers. For locks usually use bridges as they connect remote from each other the shore. At the same time very convenient to hide a key in the depths of the reservoir.

For the bride wedding always has a special meaning. Often even little girls are playing an interesting event. After all, the bride – this is a real beauty, dressed in a stunning white dress. Royal wedding castle – the game with which young girls can dive into the magic and festive atmosphere appropriate to the event Continue reading

Uzbek Zhang sanyati” won the hearts of the guests of the International martial arts festival in South Korea

From 28 to 30 August, a group of young men and women from Uzbekistan took part in the International festival of martial arts. Held in the South Korean city of Chungju the event, their representatives also sent 24 countries, including Brazil, India, China, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and others.

The young athletes of our Republic, exemplifying the technique, workmanship and unique flavor, won first place in several areas of performance (solo, pair, group, etc.).

The performance of the masters “Uzbek Zhang sanyati” at the festival captured the hearts of not only the South Korean public, but also the guests to his martial art, the techniques of incredible complexity and entertainment.

In particular, the mayor is Cho Kil Heng noted that team members “Uzbek Zhang sanyati” had a high level of fitness and have made impressive progress.

– In the team of your country had a lot of young men and women who honorably competed with rivals from other States and have won many medals. This indicates in the Republic pay great attention to the development of sports, – said the head of Chungju.

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Tea ceremony: a Great influence on the development of various aspects of culture
Tea ceremony A great influence on the development of various aspects of culture (architecture, gardens, design and applied arts) provided the development of so-called tea ceremony (cha, but Yu). Originally…


Unusual traditions of the world
There are many diverse traditions. Each nation has its own strange traditions that may make us surprise and even shock. If You find yourself in a foreign country with interesting…